This award is in honour of Institutes, Schools, Preschools and Education Leaders for their exemplary work in the domain of education, at all levels.

IIFPL International Education Awards recognizes the achievement of institutions, schools, preschools, individuals and related services, for their exemplary work in the domain of education from pre-primary up to higher levels.

The Award categories are as follows:

CATEGORY A (Pre-schools and High Schools)
1. Best Preschool Chain-Franchisor
2. Best Emerging Preschool Chain- Franchisor
3. Best Franchised Preschool of the Year
4. Best Stand Alone Preschool of the Year
5. Best Infrastructure in Early Education
6. Best Higher Secondary School of the Year

CATEGORY B (Individual Awards)
1. Best Faculty (Preschool)
2. Best Faculty (Senior Secondary School)
3. Best Principal (Preschool)
4. Best Principal (Senior Secondary School)
5. Outstanding Educationist (India/International)
6. Award for Excellence in Special Needs Education (India/International)
7. Innovative Curriculum Developer/Designer (India/International)
8. Exceptional Mental Health Expert for Children (India/International)
9. Best Academic Coordinator (India/International)
10. Best Early Childhood Counselor (India/International)
11. Best Early Childhood Mentor (India/International)
12. Best Education Consultant (India /International)

CATEGORY C (Miscellaneous)
1. Best Education Portal / Site (India/ International)
2. Best Online Teaching Material Provider

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